Basic Service Facilitation Centre (BSFC) 
P/N Ward

Basic Service Facilitation Centre "Astitva" at New Babrekar Nagar, Malvani , Malad (W) was inaugurated on 8th January 2013 by the MLA, Aslam Shiekh.

Nearly 300-350 Representatives from various communities like Ambujwadi, New Babrekar Nagar, Katcha Rasta, Bhim Nagar, Azmi Nagar, Kharodi and Bandra were present for the inauguration ceremony. 

It is very strange that these communities have been denied all basic amenities due to the cutoff date of 1995. Though  many of these settlements have sprung up before 1995 but still due to lack of legal documents are not being considered as legal and are being deprived of basic services like health services, education services, water, street lights, roads, ration cards, etc by the BMC. 

"Astitva" has been established with the objective of facilitating the process for creating entitlements in P/N Ward