Youth for Development Workshop

Youth for Development is a concept wherein the youth can have a platform for their self-development, allowing them to contribute for social development in the future. On 23-24 June 2012, YUVA Urban organized a Youth for Development workshop at YUVA Centre, Kharghar. The workshop, participated by 15 youth, was facilitated by Mr. Rajesh Hiware, Abhiwyakti, Nashik.After participating in this process, the participants are now trying to identify the issues in their communities. They are also trying to involve other youth in their communities in the efforts to overcome these issues.

Workshop on Leadership and Communication

In order to build leadership skills and communication skills of youth members, YUVA Urban organized a workshop on Leadership and Communication. Held at YUVA Centre, Kharghar on 2-3 June 2012, 19 youth members participated in the workshop facilitated by Mr. Rajesh Hiware, Abhiwyakti, Nashik.

The facilitator used documentaries and different films during the workshop to create a lot of interest among the youth. This creative way of facilitation helped the youth in gaining knowledge and developing their leadership and communication skills.

Hand-band Campaign on Child Labor

On the occasion of Anti Child Labor Day on 12 June 2012, BASS (Bal Adhikar Sangharsh Sanghatan) supported by YUVA Urban, planned and organized a “Hand Band Campaign” to create awareness on Child Labor.

The Hand Band campaign was conducted on Bandra and Mankhurd Railway station.  The campaign was initiated by children and YUVA Urban took on the role of facilitator. The children and the campaign reached more than 4000 people.

Umeed Day

YUVA Urban, together with three other partners, organized Umeed Day at Mahatma Gandhi Hall, Bandra, West on 21-22 June 2012.  The objective of the Umeed Day was to create an identity for the Umeed project where all the people from the community come together and be exposed on the different work initiated by Umeed.

YUVA Umeed presented the works on child rights and women’s rights through different posters and messages. There were different game stalls where children can enjoy games like buzzer and Nishana (the game of concentration).

Newsletter initiated by Children: (for the months of Jan 2012 and June2012)

Bal Adhikar Sangharsh Sanghatan (BASS), a children’s organization supported by YUVA Urban, is functioning in Bandra and Mankhurd. The Governing Body of the organization is formed through democratic process. The different committees were formed according to different aspects like finance, play, culture etc. BASS has developed newsletters which are initiated to sensitize children and community members about child rights especially children’s right to protection and participation.

The newsletter is seen as a platform for children where they can express themselves. In the past months, the children have developed two newsletters where they shared their experience on their exposure to Shakti VIDIYAL, Madurai, Tamil Nadu. It is the forum of children through which they spread awareness on child rights and issues. Another issue of the BASS newsletter was based on child labor issue.

MRC Health Camp – June 2012

A health camp was organized by Migration Resource Centre (MRC) in collaboration with L & T Constructions and D.Y Patil Hospital, at migrant sites of Kharghar. The event happened on 9th June, 2012. The main targeted groups were migrant laborers working at construction sites. This health check-up took place because a need had risen from the workers and many of them were falling ill. Since they have to spend too many hours doing manual labor, they do not get enough time to even consult a doctor. Most of the workers illnesses are occupation related. The Migration Resource Centre tries to make health services available at their doorsteps.

MRC also conducted registration of workers who came for the health check-up and provided them with a health card, which will hold their medical history.

National Workshop on Social Security, Housing and Federation Building

From 11th-13th June, YUVA participated in a National Workshop organized by the NHF on Social Security, Housing and Federation Building in Kolkata in June. There were discussions on how the right to livelihood and the right to housing can be incorporated in the agenda of the NHF. The federation also discussed ways of including work with construction workers, rag-pickers, domestic workers and rickshaw pullers.