Workshop on Win Leado with Adolescent Girls

Another workshop with adolescent girls was organized by YUVA Urban on 21-22 May 2012. The two-day workshop focused on Gender Discrimination and was organized at Aashakiran, Goregoan. Around 20 girls participated in this workshop. This process was also facilitated by Ms. Daivshala Giri, the same facilitator for the earlier workshop with adolescent girls held on April. She gave very significant information on Gender Discrimination as well as ways on how a girl can protect herself during the situations of gender discrimination and exploitation.

Workshop on Love and Relationship

On 26-27 May 2012, YUVA Urban organized a workshop on Love and Relationship. The workshop’s objective is to build healthy relationships among boys and girls. There were around 5 girls and 13 boys for the workshop. It was facilitated by Mr. Rajesh Hiware, Abhiwyakti, Nashik. Through this process, the youth are able to grasp the concepts and gain understanding on how to resolve family crisis at home as well as how to build their role as a family supporter.


YUVA Urban organized a Cricket Match at St. Pious Campus, Goregoan on 21 May 2012. The process was initiated as sports for development. There were 9 youth groups (150 groups) who participated in the cricket match. Through this process, the youth had a platform to play and have fun while at the same time learning leadership and group management skills. The youth also had the opportunity to be honored by Youth and Sports Minister Mr. Padmakar Walvi.

Exposure visit at Shakti Vidiyal, Madurai, Tamil Nadu

An exposure visit was organized by YUVA Urban’s child rights team o to strengthen the BASS (Bal Adhikar Sangharsh Sanghatan) process and give a different experience of children’s organization to BASS representatives. Conducted on 24-31 May 2012, a total of 14 BASS representatives and 6 team members participated in this exposure visit at Shakti Vidiyal in Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

The children shared their organization’s information, participated in different cultural activities, and also had fun in a picnic. The exposure visit was very inspiring for the children. In addition to creating the organizational structure of BASS, the children’s inspiration led to the writing of the song for BASS.

CATP Workshop (St. Pious College)

A Child Animator Training Workshop was organized by YUVA Urban through the Umeed project on 2-5 May 2012.  The workshop was organized with 50 child representatives at St. Pious College, Goregoan. The CATP Workshop was held with the aim to enhance the children’s knowledge about their rights and give them opportunity to express their rights. During the 3-day process, the children were made aware of their rights and responsibilities as well as issues like child labor, child marriage, etc. This process was initiated by Mrs. Arokia May, Mr. Dinesh and Ms. Husna.