In 1984 YUVA began its work with the urban youth in Jogeshwari. Though YUVA’s work was initially youth centric, it took initiatives and developed an understanding of other marginalised population groups and urban issues. Through the past 27 years, YUVA Urban has continuously evolved to respond to the ever-changing needs and issues of the urban poor communities and vulnerable sectors that it continues to serve. YUVA Urban reviews its policies, programmes and  strategies periodically to determine how the organisation can best achieve its mission and vision.

For the last 27 years, YUVA Urban has undergone five phases of evolution. As YUVA implemented different programs for the urban poor communities, several challenges had to be overcome. With these challenges came the lessons that were to be learnt and good practices that were to be replicated.  Each of the five phases in YUVA Urban’s evolution has immensely contributed in making YUVA Urban the organisation that it is today