Network Partners
Network Geographical Area Network’s Mission and Activities
Anna Adhikar Abhiyan (Right to Food Campaign) Maharashtra To protect and promote right to food for marginalized
Social Security Now! National Promoting Social Security and protecting the rights of informal sector
National Hawkers Federation National To work on legal protection of street vendors and implement the policy
 National Urban Struggle and Development Committee (NUSDC) National To create space for the poor in the process of urbanization and protect their human rights
The Habitat International Coalition (HIC)-The Human Rights Law Network (HRLN) International To protect and promote housing and land rights.
CACL National National network for the eradication of Child labour
Maharashtra Shikshan Hakk Abhiyan Maharashtra Demand for  Right to Education Bill-05 with recommendation & oppose the model act 06
Jan Swasthya Abhiyan/Bal Swasthya Abhiyan National/Regional To promote people’s health with access to better health care. It also contributes to building long-term and sustainable solutions to health problem.
Quality Institutional Care and Alternatives for Children (QIC&AC) Maharashtra Works on Quality Institutional Care and Alternatives for Children
Mumbai Paani Regional An initiative to retain people’s control over water.
Peace Mumbai Regional Building peace and solidarity in conflict situations
National Social Watch / Maharashtra Social Watch National / State Social watch towards building governance accountability
Anubhav Shikha Kendra / Maharashtra Yuva Parishad Maharashtra Oppose the Self – finance pvt. University Bill.

The ASK programme promotes the five core values of Gender Justice, Social Justice, Secularism and Democracy, Ecological Justice, Honesty and Integrity amongst youth through the medium of alternative education and exposures

CHILDLINE National Twenty four hour emergency services to  children in difficult situations.
WADA NA TODO ABHIYAN State/National To hold Government accountable to their own promises and commitments
National Forum for Housing Rights (NFHR) National To protect and promote housing for Urban poor
NACSOM: National Coalition of Organisations for Security of Migrant Workers National Protecting  and promoting the rights of migrant workers
Dignity International International Supporting the people in the frontline of the human rights struggle
CITYNET International Helping local governments improve the sustainability of human settlements